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What Makes Bhubaneshwar a Perfect Place to Abode

Perfect place to live is a relative term since it has multiple meanings for every individual. While some believe in having a cultural society while others consider a economically sound society more apt, some demand for good facilities while some prefer better infrastructure, some for pollution free environment while some prefer industrially sound locations. However in true sense , a perfect place to live is where we find an amalgamation of all these qualities and more.

Living in Bhubaneswar
Odisha State Secretariat

Among several places in this regard, Bhubaneswar city is an ideal option considering the rich cultural heritage, cosmopolitan environment, progressive industrial boom, happening city life, pollution free ambiance, uncountable attractions from its rich legacy and superior facilities in terms of infrastructure and an overall safe and secure place. To elaborate on the topic one can consider the below points which proves the authenticity of the statement.

Advantage of Being Capital City

One of the first and foremost advantages of Bhubaneswar is that it serves as the capital city of the state. As a result in comparison to other cities of the state, the facilities available in Bhubaneswar are much more in every regard. Be it transport facilities, medical care, employment opportunities, educational institutions, entertainment zones, availability of various services all are found in multiple numbers in the capital city. The best part of Bhubaneswar is that it is one of the planned cities of the country along with Chandigarh and it has recently achieved the honor of being a Tier II city of modern India. So settling here is always beneficial for every individual in all terms.

Job Prospects in Bhubaneswar

Life in BhubaneswarJob prospects and living conditions are important criteria for settling in any location. It is true that if economy of the area is poor it provides fewer opportunities in terms of income and financial benefits which is never desirable. Incidentally, Bhubaneswar is one of the fastest growing commercial hub of the eastern part of the country. German architect Otto Konisberg designed the city primarily as a residential place with outlying areas serving as industrial belts. As of 2011, Bhubaneswar has come out as one of the top ten emerging cities with more than 95% workforce involved in service industries. Telecommunication, real estate, Information technology and the traditional famous Bhubaneswar handicraft industry are the major contributors in this regard opening gateway to more trade and commerce and huge opportunity of employment. Infrastructure has been made strong with set up industrial areas like Rasulgarh, Mancheswar, Chandaka, and Bhagabanpur and IT parks like Infocity-1, Infocity-2, STPI-Bhubaneswar to accommodate more companies and larger business.

Cultural Background of Bhubaneswar

Having famed with the title of Temple City of the country, this beautiful place is the abode of multiple Hindu temples. Together with Puri and Konark it forms the beautiful Swarna Tribhuja which is one of the most prominent attractions of Eastern India. The people based here are immensely pround of their rich cultural heritage and prefer to make a perfect melancholy of the sleek modern lifestyle and the classical inheritance of ethnic customs and beliefs. Archeological artifacts, architectural brilliance and finest carvings from the ancient period forms one of the major attractions here. Theatre, music, drama, classical Odissi dance are some of the integral part of the city. Multiple teaching institutions on these arts are available in Bhubaneswar nurturing fresh talent with the culture of the area. Being a multi cultural area with people from all religions living here, it respects every religion and their festivals from Eid to Holi, Dushera to Guru Nank’s birthday, Diwali to Xmas and many others are celebrated here.

Smooth Transportation Network in Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar in Odisha
Bhubaneswar Railway Station

One of the important parameters that make a city best for settlement is excellent transportation facility. Travelling is a requirement for every individual and if the roads and transport availability is poor it can be very disappointing. In Bhubaneswar such a condition is refrained since the city has 1600 kilometers of excellent road connectivity with affluent bus services from OSRTC having its headquarters based in the city. Bhubaneswar Railway station on one hand connects multiple short stations within the state and beyond along with all major metro cities of the country, Biju Patnaik International Airport takes care of the airways connectivity to both international and domestic destinations. Lastly within the city there are auto rickshaws and cycle rickshaws to travel shorter distances.

Safety and Security in Bhubaneswar

Safety and Security is extremely important for every settler and that is why the city of Bhubaneswar has excellent arrangement of the same. The Police Commissioner of Bhubaneswar along with the team of officers works towards restoring the law and order in the area and minimizing the criminal activities in the city. There are specified rules implemented by the Bhubaneshwar Police in the recent years which have ensured the safety of the citizens in terms of theft, burglary, criminal activities, better transport rules and stringent implementation of law and order. The police control room helps in quick registering of problems  and there is dedicated women helpline 10920 for any crime against the ladies. In fact in today’s date it is one of the safest and secure cities of the country with active involvement of the police department to restore the same.

Office of the Commisioner of Police
Bidyut Marg, Unit - V
Telephone: +91-674-2530035
Fax: +91-674-2530001/2530017
email ID: commissioneratepolice@nic.in

Beautiful Tourist Attractions in Bhubaneswar

Travelling in Bhubaneswar
Muktesvara Deula

One of the major benefits of settling in  Bhubaneshwar is its excellent sightseeing spots. It is always a pleasure to live in such a location which has sufficient number of tourist attractions since it provides the necessary recreation after hectic busy schedules. The most prominent attraction of the city is its excellent architectural brilliance in the countless number of Hindu temples based here. For the religious minded visitors it is an excellent location as it has a wide range of beautiful temples of Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Goddess Durga, Lord Rama and many other Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Some of the notable places in Bhubaneswar to visit include Old Town, Bindu Sarovar, Udaygiri, Khandagiri, Mukteshwar temple, State Museum, Nandakanan zoo and many others. Apart from this there are splendid gateways from Bhubaneswar which can be visited for a day or two and thus fetch a quick holiday and mental recreation in less travel time and less expenditure.

City Expenses in Bhubaneswar

For settling in a place, the major concern for every individual is usually the living expenditure. In Bhubaneswar, the living cost is extremely reasonable. Infact as per a survey conducted by Numbeo, it is the third least expensive city in the country. The average cost for house rent, restaurant bills, electricity and water supplies, groceries and transportation are much less in compared to other cities. However there are areas like city centre which are more expensive according to the city standards.

Entertainment Options in Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar Lifestyle
Ocean World Water Park

Life can be pretty dull without proper entertainment options in the place we live. To take care of this demand, the city has the ever entertaining BDA Nicco Park or the ocean World Water Park which has enough attractions like fun rides, water coasters, kids play zone, fast food corners and harmonious greenery making a perfect picnic area. There are various multiplex like INOX Cinemas and single screen cinema halls showcasing the latest regional, hindi and Hollywood movies. There are pubs and lounges for spending a wonderful chit chat evening with friends and family , delicious multi cuisine restaurants that serves almost all varieties of dishes making a mouth watering luscious experience and for the party lovers there are jamming discotheques to make the nightlife more entertaining. In a whole it has almost all kinds of entertainment options for people of all ages and all preferences.

Educational Prospects in Bhubaneswar

Every family prefers to settle in those places which provide good educational facility especially for the younger ones so that a perfect and prospective future can be assured for them. In Bhubaneswar there are plenty of renowned educational institutes that gives quality education to the younger students. It has also sufficient number of higher education institutes also to provide proper learning platform for the professionals or the higher education aspirants.

Lifestyle in Bhubaneswar

A city can only be a best place to live if there remains availability of all kinds of facilities that enhances the lifestyle of the inhabitants, In Bhubaneswar one can find all kinds of lifestyle enhancers like branded and world renowned beauty clinics, therapy centers, gymnasium, spa and body message centers. There are clubs and societies which engage people in various forms of sports and social functions.

Shopping in Bhubaneswar

Shopping in Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar is one of the best shopping destinations with multiple local markets and various shopping malls located in various parts of the city. The shopping malls like MTG World, Mega Shop have an array of branded showrooms of all kinds of products and featuring the best quality materials. Apart from this the local markets like Bapuji Nagar market, Shahid market have host of shops on almost everything one needs to buy. From latest styled garments to footwares, book stores to fashion accessories, electronic showrooms to house hold appliances, home décor items to best quality handicraft goods, the list is long.

Health Infrastructure in Bhubaneswar

Hospitals in BhubaneswarAlong with focusing on the industrial development and educational boom the administration has given enough importance to the healthcare facilities here with some of the best hospital and private nursing homes based. Modern equipments, well trained and experienced doctors and latest methodology of treatment is practiced here. Best reputed pathology labs, specialized clinics, advanced treatment facilities, well stocked chemists all are available in Bhubaneswar city making it an excellent choice for the prospective settlers. The city is visited by many from nearby regions and also from other parts of the state in hope for better treatments which are thankfully available in this part of Odisha.

Climatic Conditions in Bhubaneswar

Having a tropical weather, the climate of Bhubaneswar is hot in the summers and cool and dry in the winters. Usually the months from March to May are the hottest months with temperature around 40C but with the rains the climate becomes cool and pleasant from June. Even the winters are quite comforting here. The city is devoid of any conditions that invoke major calamites like cyclones or thunderstorms and others. Overall the climate is quite good in the city.

Less Pollution and More Greenery in Bhubaneswar

What makes Bhubaneswar a perfect place to abode

Since build with the focus on having a perfect residential area the city is full of parks and verdant greenery. The streets are beautified with trees on the corners and after every block there are open places to serve as children playground. It is one of the planned cities of the state with enough greenery restored in every corner of the city. It is also one of the less polluted areas due to excellent pollution management by the state government along with maintenance of hygiene and cleanliness. This in turn also makes it an ideal place to stay.

In a nutshell it may be stated that Bhubaneswar in every way is a perfect place to live in. It has all the major facilities that is required for healthy and luxurious living with all sorts of amenities. The recent infrastructural growth had ensured more trade and commerce in the area which in turned has attracted more investors and business houses and thus increasing the job prospects in the area as well as financial growth.

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